About Us

Arwani-Store is a one stop shop for Do-it-Yourself enthusiasts looking for solutions for home improvement, car maintenance, camping and outdoor activities. We present premium products from world renowned brands like Black + Decker, Stanley, Michelin, Kawasaki, CAT and many others.

The story of our journey is very straightforward without the usual twists and turns. We have been selling premium quality products for over 35 years, mainly to professional users. In 2016, we initiated the Retail program and started offering consumer products from well recognized brands like Black + Decker, Stanley, Michelin, Kawasaki, CAT and Wagan through offline channels. Majority of the products offered are suitable for applications for home improvement and car care while there are some for camping and outdoor activities for kids.

Arwani-Store is a solution to all those hurdles that we have faced in the past in bringing unique products to our customers, sometimes due to the size of the product and at other times due to the limitations of the sales channel.

We take pride in being the first to launch a product such as 12V Impact Wrench for Cars that has made an activity like tyre changing complete fun. Cool Car air cushion seat is another latest innovation that has made sweaty backs during summers a thing of the past.

Who can ignore the Emergency disc light that allows drivers to park their cars safely on the roadside during a breakdown? Our young consumers have a reason to go outdoors now, thanks to the availability of Ride-on construction toys, encouraging them for imaginative play rather than spending most of their day in front of their screens.

All products offered are backed by warranties and after sales services, and in case of any issue with the product, we are just a phone call away.

Our aim is to continue introducing more innovative products to the market mainly for home use.
So, browse through our site and let us know how you like our product range. Drop in a line if you have any suggestions for further improvements.