Camping Accessories

Do you know the list of things or accessories that are necessary for camping that does not cost you a fortune rather they are really affordable and numerous in numbers? Arwani Store brings the complete camping accessories from small batteries to generators and other stuff at really cheap prices. To make your camping experience bearable and perfect for your vacation Arwani Store brings you:

  1. WAGAN LED Rechargeable Lantern- 4302

  2. WAGAN LED Rechargeable WAGAN Pop-Up LED Lantern Rechargeable-4304

  3. WAGAN 24L 12V Electric Cooler & Warmer For Cars-6224

  4. BLACK + Decker 720W Petrol Generator BD950

  5. WAGAN 12V DC to 220V AC Inverter 1000 Watt-22947

  6. WAGAN 12V DC Impact Wrench + Brite Night Dome Lantern

So make your recreational day more fun and memorable by lighting up the camp and keeping your drinks cold/warm when needed. Or if you are looking to start a camping service for others, you probably need a generator to light up the lights in all camping pods and inverters that are portable and continuous power sources. 

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