Pressure Washers






Pressure washers are highly popular among home and car owners because they are particularly useful in cleaning tasks. The pressure washer saves up to 70% water in comparison with washing using a standard water hose. These machines work efficiently and help in cleaning everything outdoor like furniture, BBQ grills, patio, etc. A good combination of pressure and flow rate actually determines the washing quality. If you are a car owner, then your car needs complete care that comes from regular cleaning, and to do so, you need a high-quality pressure washer. In fact, it will be an exhausting task to clean stubborn dirt from the car body without using a high pressure washer. All right, but the question is which one to select? The decision to buy depends on the cleaning application. But still, it’s hard to understand which one is the best among so many available options. There are separate machines available for light, frequent, and heavy use. If you going to wash one car once a week then light machines are suitable. But if you need to wash multiple cars 2-3 times in a week then go for frequent type. And if you are running a commercial washing station then look for models in the heavy-duty section. Pressure washers are also classified by the source of power and temperature of water delivered. It can be cold or a hot type.

  • Cold water electric pressure washers
  • Cold water petrol engine pressure washers
  • Hot water electric pressure washers

If you are looking to clean a heavily soiled surface then the hot type is recommended. We offer a range of high pressure washers to suit every application under Michelin and Blue Clean brands. The range is diverse from a capacity and features point of view. Our pressure washer machines range is diverse from the capacity and features point of view. Check our wide range of high pressure washers below