Warranty Policy


Our warranty policy ensures that product is protected against any manufacturing defects in material and workmanship after the product is purchased from our site.

The warranty period varies from one product category to other. Following table explains the warranty period applicable from the date of purchase.


Air Compressors

12 Months pumps warranty for home use


High Pressure Cleaners

12 Months Warranty on all models for home use.

6 Months Warranty for commercial use except for models: MPX100, MPX120

Tyre Inflators & Gauges

6 Months Warranty for Home Use.


1 Year Frame Warranty

All other Products

1 Year Warranty


Warranty will be void in following cases:


  • Misuse, wrong application or using wrong electrical connections (wherever applicable).
  • Unit’s body is broken due to mishandling or abuse.
  • Unit is tried to be repaired by an Un Authorized personnel
  • Normal wear & tear due to regular use of the unit over a period of time.
  • A use of non-standard accessory with the unit.
  • Consumables & Accessories like batteries, guns, lances, bulbs, hoses, cables, filters etc. are not covered in the warranty.
  • If a unit is not maintained as per manufacturer’s recommendation stated in instruction manual.

We reserve the right to decide to either repair the product, replace it or offer a full or partial refund.

Please contact our customer service (details are in contact us) in case you face any issue with the product purchased from us, we will do our best to solve your problem in most amicable way.