AR BLUE CLEAN Compact High Pressure Washer 130 Bar Heavy Duty – AR615

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Features + Benefits

  • Detergent injector with low pressure soap
  • Thermal auto-shutoff switch for safety when temperature is too high
  • Designed to be compact and very portable
  • Max Pressure (bar) 130
  • Max flow (lph) 630
  • Power (Kw) 2.9
  • RPM 2800
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AR Blue Clean AR615 professional industrial electric pressure washer with an induction motor rated at 2.2GPM and 130 Bar. The perfect pressure washer for cars and trucks, driveways and garage floors, concrete/tile patios, stairs and walkways, wood decks, home exteriors that are vinyl or brick, fencing, lawn mowers, dirt bikes, boats, trailers or most anything else outdoors.

High pressure washer with triplex pump with ceramic plungers and connecting rod-system.

Automatic by-pass valve with pump head pressure discharge, brass pump head.

Electric motor with thermal protector.

Pressure adjustment, pressure gauge and built-in detergent suction .

Inspectable water filter and electric cable length 5 m.

Made in Italy.

Additional information

Weight 18.4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 50 × 42 cm