ARCO Walk Through Disinfection Booth – Q32NT

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Features + Benefits

  • Ultrasonic Atomization Disinfection System
  • Motion Sensor
  • Body Disinfection With High-Density Fog
  • Fast & Efficient (5-6 sec per person)
  • Enter & Exit Curtains For Disinfection Chamber
  • Alarm for low Water Level
  • Easy to Move with Built-in Wheels
  • Glass Observation Windows
  • Class I Shock Protection
  • Booth Size (LxWxH): 2.2m x 1.25m x 2.4m
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Q32NT is very useful to disinfect persons entering into any premises. The whole process takes less than 6 seconds per person making it suitable for places like Schools, Mosques, Hospitals, Office buildings etc.

The disinfection chamber uses the ultrasonic atomization disinfection system that sprays a mist on the whole body to disinfect it. It is a fast, efficient, and completely safe operation and does not pose any risk to those passing through it.

Thanks to 12L Disinfectant Tank capacity, the operation can run continuously for 3.5 hours, and approximately 2000 persons can be disinfected with one full tank. It has a very low operating cost due to smart consumption of disinfectant.

Additional information

Weight 330 kg
Dimensions 220 × 125 × 230 cm