ATIKA M150E Concrete Mixer Machine Electric & Portable 150L


  • Robust chassis with elastic wheels for stability and mobility
  • Foot brake with sturdy rods for quick and secure braking
  • Extra wide foot plate for enhanced stability during mixing
  • Ingeniously arranged mixing forks for thorough and efficient mixing
  • Comfortable operation with a large handwheel for easy control
  • Powerful 700W motor with thermal overload protection for efficient mixing and motor safety


ATIKA Concrete Mixer Machine M150 for Professional & Commercial Use

Portable Mini Electric Cement Mixer – 150L Capacity – Motor: 700W – Power: 1Ph/230V/50Hz

The ATIKA M150E Concrete Mixer is built for reliability and efficiency on construction sites. Solid construction, easy and safe operation as well as excellent mixing results are unalterable features for site operation.

The concrete mixer is built on a sturdy frame with durable elastic wheels, providing both stability and ease of movement on various surfaces, crucial for transportation around construction sites.

Foot brake with sturdy rods allows for quick and secure braking, enhancing safety during operation by preventing unintended movement of the mixer.

The wide foot plate provides a solid base for the mixer, ensuring stability during the mixing process, especially when dealing with heavy loads.

The arrangement of the mixing forks within the mixer is designed to facilitate thorough and efficient mixing of concrete, ensuring high-quality results with every batch.

The large handwheel enables easy and comfortable operation of the mixer, allowing users to maintain control and make adjustments as needed during the mixing process.

The motor housing is constructed from high-quality waterproof plastic, protecting the motor from water and jet streams commonly encountered in construction environments. This enhances the durability and longevity of the mixer.

These key features collectively contribute to the reliability, safety, and performance of the ATIKA M150 Concrete Mixer, making it suitable for professional and commercial use in various construction applications.


Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 120 × 68 × 130 cm


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Power : 700 W
Capacity : 150 Ltr
Supply : 1Ph/230V
Protection type : IP 45
Noise level : 63 dB(A)
Weight : 60 kg