ELSEA Electric Ozone Generator – EO110SST

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Features + Benefits

  • 10g / Hr Ozone generating capacity (sufficient to treat 80 Sqm Room in 2 hours)
  • Very effective in Killing fungi, germs, bacteria, Covid flu virus, dust mites, bad odors.
  • High-quality Ozone plates (10,000 Working Hours)
  • Low power consumption (80W)
  • Quiet operation (52 dB sound level)
  • Programmable timer (up to 16 different time settings can be stored)
  • No chemical is needed for disinfection
  • Lightweight (2.5 Kg)
  • Stainless Steel body
  • 3m Electrical Cable
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Ozone (O3) is a gas made up of three oxygen molecules in a dynamically unstable chemical structure. Ozone in naturally present in the atmosphere, more precisely in the stratosphere. The ozone layer is important since it absorbs 90% of the UV radiation emitted by the sun and harmful for the living organisms on our planet.

Ozone has a very high oxidizing power, capable of inactivating many organic and inorganic chemical compounds. Its strength is far greater than chlorine (one of the most used chemical compound for waters and environments decontamination and disinfection processes). This high oxidizing power allowed it to be used as an virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal agent. Ozone destroys bacterial cell walls, it inhibits fungal growth and it damages viral envelopes, interfering with viral life cycle and blocking cell-adhesion.

Ozone has unique disinfectant and decontaminating proprieties due to its high oxidizing potential and to the fact that, being a gas, it has a penetration capability that liquid disinfectants do not. It can reach remote and difficult-toreach areas in a closed environment without altering or harming materials and surfaces. 

Ozonization is the best alternative in odor-control. Many odors can be eliminated by ozone – e.g: odors caused by cigars and cigarettes, many volatile organic compounds, perspiration odors, animals/pets odors, mold, cooking odors. Furthermore one of ozone disinfection advantages is its spontaneous conversion back to oxygen (O2) after a certain amount of time, therefor it is safe and non-toxic for working personnel

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Weight 2.5 kg