GYS Jump Starter, Compressor And 12V DC Supply

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Features + Benefits

  • Automatic charger 230V /12V Floating : to charge the internal battery unsupervised
  • Integrated tester to check the level of charge of the internal battery.
  • Switch-button ON/OFF to avoid misuse.
  • Alarm beep in case of reversed polarity.
  • Copper cables 2 x 1.20m, 25mm² dia with isolated 500 A clamps.
  • Can be used for tire inflation in emergency situations like flat tire
  • 12V DC supply can be used as a power supply for many devices
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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Instantaneously starts cars, camper vans, vans, petrol or diesel, The powerful integrated LED light (7x 3.6W) allows use at night or in dark environments., The integrated compressor (13L/min) and the different connectors included in the box, The powerful integrated 18AH battery turns into a 12V power supply for devices: TV’s, light, etc

GYSpack Air Starter, Compressor & Power Supply is a three-in-one starter, compressor and power supply
Can jump start cars without any risk to on-board electronics
Can be used for tire inflation in emergency situations like flat tire and the 12V DC supply as power supply for many devices
Jump start light vehicles like cars within a few minutes
Powerful integrated LED light allows to use it even in dark environments
Allows fast inflation of tires, balloons, air mattress, toys etc.
18 Ah battery supply serves as an autonomous 12V power supply for electrical devices like TVs, lights etc.
Automatic charger which comes with the pack has floating function, which charges the battery without any supervision
Integrated tester can be used to test level of charge in battery
Has been designed to be safeguarded from polarity reversal, short circuits and overload

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 22 × 50 cm