Smart Helmet

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Features + Benefits

  • Screening for Indoors and Outdoors
  • Records Personal Info
  • Screening for Vehicles and Passengers
  • Face Recognition and Identity Verification
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Light Weight Helmet 1080g
  • 1 Meter Free Falling Impact Without Damage
  • Helmet Goggles are Made of Advanced Photochromic Material.
  • All Time Capability with Lighting Condition
  • AR Display with High Standard Array Optical Waveguide AR Technology.
  • No Dark Corner, Blind Spot, or Sense of Oppression
  • Advanced Metamaterial Technology for Communication with Strong Signal.
  • Low Power Consumption and Ultra-low Radiation
  • Designed with Balanced Centre of Gravity
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging with High Accuracy Quick and Contactless Temp Measurement
  • AI Capabilities Such as Offline Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, QR Code Identification
  • Battery Capacity Is Not Less Than 5000 mAh and Standby Time is 24 Hours
  • Ergonomics Fabric, Super Stretch and Shape Retention for Extra Flexibility
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Created with decades of ingenuity
First choice for epidemic prevention
Advanced Metamaterials
High-precision Temperature Screening Maneuvering
Non-interference Screening
Ultimate Experience