WAGAN 12V Cool Air Car Cushion – 9886


WAGAN 12V Cool Air Car Cushion – 9886

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Features + Benefits

  • Switch for selecting cooling mode or warming mode with indicator lights
  • Cooling: 40°F to 45°F below ambient temperature*
  • Heats up to 140°F (60°C)
  • CFC-free cooling (no refrigerant)
  • No Ice required to keep food cool
  • Holds up to 18 (12oz.) cans
  • Designed to fit at front center console or back seat
  • Two beverage holders at the front
  • Compartment for storing of power cord
  • Can be used in the vehicle, home, hotel room, or office**
  • Adjustable shoulder strap for ease of portability
  • Detachable 6 foot 12V DC Power Cord
  • 1 Year Warranty

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Wagan Tech’s 14 Liter personal fridge/warmer is a great way to keep food and drinks cool while on the road.

Need to keep your food warm during transport? The 14 Liter personal fridge/warmer can do that too!

The diminutive size of this cooler allows storage for your road trip necessities while only taking up a small footprint in your vehicle.

14 l cooler/warmer lets drivers save money and time by enjoying food and drinks on the go inside your vehicle, reduce or eliminate stops at fast food joints during road trips, and save gas by avoiding the line at the drive thru, ideal for road trips

Keep food and beverages cool without messy ice, or keep them warm instead, unit holds up to 12 soda cans, standard size water bottles also fit inside (if desired, you can even pack healthy snacks like fruit and yogurt)

Hot/cold/off switch has indicator lights for quickly viewing which temperature mode is in use, maximum cooling capacity is 32°F to 36°F below room temperature and it can heat up to a maximum of 140°F

9 ft. DC power cord extends to your vehicle’s back seat area
Built-in shoulder strap allows for easy transport to take it anywhere you go

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Weight2.2 kg
Dimensions47 × 27 × 30 cm
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