WAGAN Mini Exercise Cycle Go – 9734


WAGAN Mini Exercise Cycle Go – 9734

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Features + Benefits

  • Pivoting motion helps you maintain limber muscles: tone your legs and thighs
  • Counts accumlated steps
  • Measures estimated calories burned
  • Tracks workout duration
  • Adjustable step height to accommodate all users from young to old
  • Digital multi-function meter: count: accumulated steps, strides: repetitions per minute, scan: cycles between other functions, calories: estimated calories burned, time: workout duration
  • Tiny footprint, attractive neutral colors is stylish, and ergonomic handlebar
  • Multifunction meter
  • Compact size
  • Made of strong yet lightweight steel (only weights 21 lbs. assembled)
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Comparing Exercise Machines

We’ve had a lot of customers wondering what the differences between the Mini-Stepper and the Pivot Stepper are. We’ve created this quick comparison video that clearly highlights the differences between these two exceptional machines!

Wagan HealthMate’s Pivot Stepper is great for anyone looking to get a workout within the privacy of their own home. Keep your body limber and flexible while pivot stepping to healthier glucose and lower blood pressure levels.

The Pivot Stepper offers comfort and convenience in your home or office; pivot step to a healthier and more active you!


The Pivot Stepper is made of steel that is structurally solid, but maintains a lightweight feel. The steps are made of plastic and have traction rubber inserts to keep your feet from slipping and feature a height adjustment to accommodate nearly any size user.

The ergonomic handle bars are triangular to accommodate different grip styles and are covered in a soft foam grip.
The Multi-Function Meter is strategically placed in the center of the support tube so that it can be easily viewed while the machine is in use. The Meter shows: Step count, Strides, Time (Workout Duration), Calories burned, and a Scan function.


Do you have limited space but want to get in a good workout? Wagan HealthMate’s Pivot Stepper is a great way for you to stay healthy while maintaining flexibility and fitness while in the comfort of your home or office.

Occupying a small footprint, the Pivot Stepper is a lightweight yet sturdy machine that will serve your fitness needs for years to come and only requires a 17” x 21” amount of floor space. Its small size allows the Pivot Stepper to easily store out of the way when not in use, and its lightweight frame makes transporting it breeze.

For Your Health

Wagan HealthMate’s Pivot Stepper is a great solution to your home or office fitness needs. The Pivot Stepper will help you to stay healthy by lowering blood pressure and restoring proper blood glucose levels.

With only 15 minutes of use a day, you can keep your hips and legs more flexible and feel more energized while getting a solid cardio workout.
We’re constantly receiving phone calls from our Senior users raving about how well our machines work for them.

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Weight2.4 kg
Dimensions53.3 × 43.2 × 109.2 cm
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